Sounds Like Chaos is a performance company led by Directors Gemma Rowan and Roisin Feeny. We specialise in making collaborative theatre and creative, community focused, projects with young people aged 13 to 19. The work aims to creatively develop empathy and understanding of multi-cultural teenagers and make new leaders.


Creative strands
  1. Large scale ensemble performances with the ideas, experiences and culture of teenagers at the centre.
  2. Live interactive experiences led by teenagers that explore their relationship with adults, their local environment and notions of citizenship.

We are committed to making work with teenagers, finding an aesthetic and approach that best fits their voice and perspective. We have developed a methodology to produce creatively challenging work, which has their opinions, experiences and culture at its heart. Our work is at the meeting point of theatre, live art and stand-up. We work physically and with original text. We are excited by the theatrical possibilities, tensions and risks, both personal and social that exist between teenage performers and adult audiences.