Madalina Gabriela

My Mind, My Greatest Dancer
(choreography & short film)

I don’t dance, I am letting my thoughts carry me around. And when they become a burden, that’s the best part of the dance; even in chaos there is control.


My Mind, My Greatest Dancer is a Sounds Like Chaos commission for 2020Vision, a new way of supporting young artists to rest, make and emerge from the global pandemic. Made possible by support from Arts Council England and the Albany.

(original music)

Unexplained is about the mystery of the night, it is a metaphor for the hard times of life. There is beauty everywhere, there is magic in the night and they need to be observed. I hope the energy can be felt through the music and introduce the audience to contemplation.

Unexplained is a Sounds Like Chaos quarantine commission made possible by support from the Albany.