I love making music and sounds that transport the listener to an unfamiliar place. I’m also really interested in recreating natural events (e.g. raindrops) using artificial sounds – it means that you can look at ‘boring’ things with a new perspective.

I’ve been working on an EP for the past year now but it’s gone through so many changes – it’ll see the light of day eventually!

I would love to produce for other artists and/or work on music and sound design projects for other artists. I really believe in the power of finding your voice as an individual through collaboration.

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Quarantine Collection (music)

Quarantine collection is an online festival with original music, DJ mixes and playlists curated by mates. Ranging from mellow tunes to experimental bangers, there’s something for everyone. We’re all stuck inside and perhaps we’re just listening to the same tunes on loop – I definitely am! So hopefully this will give listeners a taste of some music they’ve never heard. Tune in and vibe out!

OST (ep)

OST is inspired by ambient music and film/TV soundtracks. The tracks aim to create a sense of space for the listener to place themselves within, using a mixture of serene and unsettling soundscapes. Through this, the listener could use the soundscapes as their own Original Soundtrack (or OST, for short) to a story of their own imagining.

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