I am often known for singing constantly, mixing songs together and harmonising to anyone playing or singing a song. I often include musical elements in any work I do. I have just graduated with a degree in Drama, this is my main art form, in which I bring together all areas of my work. I also work with kids with various abilities and ages through drama and dance.

I recently created a podcast with artist Phoebe Fairchild called Let Me Hear Your Voice, built from an SLC commission during the first lockdown in 2020, it’s based around feminism topics for young female adults. We have continued to create content and build awareness through Instagram, TikTok and Twitter.

Through Let Me Hear Your Voice, I’ve recently been commissioned to create further content around climate change in relation to SLC’s upcoming show DIRT. We decided to do a 2 week experiment, in which I went vegan for 2 weeks, and Phoebe went plastic free for the same time period.

In the future I hope to continue excelling in all the art forms, as I believe they are all equally important and enjoyable.  I really enjoy working with young kids and seeing their development through arts and creativity. I would like to continue to do that.

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Liv’s Lockdown Treats
(original recipes)

A collection of some of the many cakes, brownies, cookies and many more treats I baked throughout lockdown. These recipes are filled with delicious ingredients and love. 😀️ Enjoy!

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Let Me Hear Your Voice

Just two gal pals discussing young peoples experiences around feminism.
Find out more: @letmehearyourvoice

2020 VISION a new way of supporting young artists to rest, make and emerge from the global pandemic. Made possible by support from Arts Council England and the Albany.