Let’s plug in to the global nervous system and harness the co-evolution of humans and technology. We must all connect to the network and keep, keep, keep, clicking to optimise our experience. In progress we trust.The future is here.We are in it.WOW.Everything is Amazing. SOUNDS LiKE CHAOS’ latest production is a sci-fi hallucinatory madness, set…


FIRE IN THE MACHINE from Sounds Like Chaos on Vimeo. REAL GENUINE HARD-WORKING TEENAGERS WILL BE FINE Real genuine hard-working performers will be fine, the machine will make sure of it. Sounds Like Chaos know how to use your time. Fire In The Machine is productive. We will be efficient, we will maximise our potential…

Phenomena: A Beginners’ Guide to Love and Physics

We want to know it all, the whole universe and everything in it, we want to learn how it all works, we are asking you to show us, we will listen, we will pay attention, if we follow what you tell us, we can learn how to love. “Confronting the complexities of physics and the…

Dare Night Karaoke

A brand new gameshow. This is where food becomes your worst enemy. It’s random and not predictable: flying noodles, chaotic sushi making, sumo wrestling, wasabi testing. An eastern gameshow full of dares, fish slapping and Karaoke. Commissioned as part of YAM YAM festival of arts and food, performed at the Albany March 2014.

The Big Food Fight

Everything is to play for. All the losers will take the walk of shame to compete in the big food fight. An interactive, multi-media experience for foodies and lovers of reality TV.  Commissioned as part of YAM YAM festival of arts and food, performed at the Albany November 2013

When it’s Night Time

When it’s night time the children are tucked up fast asleep… As the minutes, quarters, halves and hours turn, we are awake, we are in bed, but we aren’t sleeping, we are in the middle of the city, we are eating, we are dancing, we are breaking our promises, we are writing, we are waiting….


Euphoria is told by a group of carnival workers who run the world’s most euphoric ride. Join them as they present moments of bliss, fear and excitement. Performed at the Albany December 2012 and March 2013