Christine, 18, Participant

Sounds Like Chaos means a lot to me, we’ve all developed so much, it’s lovely being apart of the team’s growth. The sessions provide an escape from world and actually gives you a chance to concentrate on one thing. The space created makes me feel safe and ready to explore, pushing myself to think outside the box.

Through SLC I had the opportunity to develop my producing skills at BAC. I then went on to producing and assistant producing several shows, really getting the feel of the industry.

Furthermore, I was introduced to other companies that specialize in specific types of theatre such as street performance, which has helped to broaden my horizons.

I once thought I wanted to be a professional actress but as I developed through the company, my passion for theatre has widened to include all aspects of performance. SLC has encouraged me to look at theatre from many perspectives, getting rid of the boundaries that I have set for myself and really develop a love for theatre in a different way.

Christine, 18, Studying at Goldsmiths University