I enjoy many art forms. Immersive work that uses audio, light, and touch. I enjoy experimental work and working with young people, especially with topics surrounding activism and mental health. I often work through theatre performance, creative writing and spoken word and I am a big fan of youth led work. Themes in my work often follow empowerment, equality, mental well-being and spirituality. I always want to expand the mind!

Recently I have been working towards an immersive experience that focuses on deeper self-reflection of the soul and mind. I am also working on a community and youth lead collective that focuses on theatre and mental well-being that is self-taught through connection. And I am working on a zine project that photographs women and encourages their natural beauty to empower women and challenge media beauty standards.

In the future I see myself creating safe spaces for young people who don’t feel heard, making space for their voice and amplifying them. I want to work in theatre therapy and directly improve the mental health of vulnerable people through the arts.

GIF @polarbearrs.