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I am a writer producer and musical artists, with inspiration from afro beat(s), hip hop, and nep soul, I create genre bending soundtracks. My work spans a range of audio content critically, music and podcasts. I am also a performer of theatre and have performed with companies such as Sounds like Chaos, Lyric Hammersmith, and SHUNT.  I have experience working physically and on voice acting projects, more recently recording audio tours for the Unicorn Theatre.

Recently, I have been producing a podcast in collaboration with the Albany. Orbit addresses creative development and topics which affect upcoming creatives both practically and mentally. We look for interesting perspectives and fresh practitioners and share our knowledge and experience. I have been fortunate enough to organise podcast training which was offered to other SLC members and led to multiple shows being created.

I am also working on making music and released an independent album in 2020. This project  Seasyck minds explored how emotions often have a feeling not unlike being taken by the sea. Sound waves here aim to find the resonant frequencies that define our feeling, and move them.

I would like to create work that sparks people's curiosity. I would like my music to be a place where people can cry, laugh and dance. I feel as though telling stories of the area and the people I grew up around are at the forefront for me. Through both music and theatre I hope to inspire everyone to embrace their creativity.  I feel as though art can be used to change perceptions, and as such I hope that through my work there are realistic but also hopeful (or just different) stories being told.

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Nu world is a collection of sounds painting a picture for a new way of life. The soundtrack to a peaceful revolution. I made this music with the intention of meditating along to it. Depicting and manifesting a more connected world. The use of ambient sounds grounds and reminds the listener to be mindful. The cover art work are pictures taken by myself and are an attempt to capture the beauty already present around us.

In tracks Nuu, Anyway and Jungle I started with the idea of adding vocals and poetry to the music. During this time I’ve had to deal with difficulties in consistent technology, and outside pressures. The music reflects this as it asks questions of the listening world. The lyrics were born out of the more unknown feeling that I have had this last month. It still paints some hope, though it’s cautious. It remembers that the new world is as daunting as it is exciting. It is a project of duality, and a lone agent commandeering himself.

2020 VISION A new way of supporting young artists to rest, make and emerge from the global pandemic. Made possible by support from Arts Council England and the Albany.