10-16 July 2023

A festival of new performances, research
and artworks by local and international young people.

@ The Albany Deptford, Deptford Lounge and Online
Tickets: pay what you decide
More information and book online: www.thealbany.org.uk
Box Office: 020 8629 4446

SOUNDS LiKE CHAOS young associate artists come together to create Out of Harm’s Way, a festival of new performances, research and artworks by local and international young people. At a time of huge uncertainty and unrest, they will use their voices to ask how we can protect our minds, our bodies, our spaces and natural environments. Co-produced by the Albany.


The Body Remembers
By Rofeda Bougaga

Wednesday 12 July, 4pm
Thursday 13 July, 8pm 

Poetry and storytelling combine in this one woman show exploring the lack of safety for young women in London.

What you telling me, you look sweet still, how old are you? Ah what, 13? Shout me when you’re 18, beautiful. Some of them don’t even want to wait, they just ask for my snap.’’

Revealing the darkness in the concealed corners of Lewisham, poetry and storytelling combine in this raw performance, forcing us to confront the predatory danger young girls experience growing up. A one woman show, written and performed by artist Rofeda Bougaga, The Body Remembershighlights the lack of safety for women in London and asks who is responsible, who can make a change?

The Wednesday matinee of The Body Remembers will be followed by an interactive workshop where the audience can make suggestions on how to make Lewisham a safer borough for young women.

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Amaarah Roze presents
Standards - My Right to Safety Special
Co-produced by SOUNDS LiKE CHAOS

Friday 14 July, 7pm

An evening of art, conversation and celebration.

“I have a right to feel safe, to explore, to exist, to be a woman”

Standards is an evening of art, conversation and celebration. Be it spoken word, music, a monologue or short story we welcome everyone to explore their creativity. This time, six incredible performers will take the stage showcasing work in response to the theme “My Right to Safety”. Throughout the event our hosts will spark some juicy debate by asking the audience questions, we want your honest, unfiltered opinions.

All culminating in an exciting new element of Standards, a networking party! Join us for an event unlike any other…


Hold On to Letting Go
A new theatre show devised by the SOUNDS LiKE CHAOS company.

Wednesday 12 July, 7pm
Thursday 13 July, 7pm 

In life, it’s hard deciding whether to hold on or let go…. but before you ask your therapist for advice, ask the Keep Pushing It Weekly podcast. because they know exactly what they’re talking about! Be prepared to be mentored to the max as fifteen teenagers take you on a journey of learning, unlearning and rebelling, posing the question “When is it okay to let go?”

Hold on to Letting Go is a new show, directed by SOUNDS LiKE CHAOS Young Associates Amaarah Roze & Chiquita Delisser and devised by the company.

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r u there? we r here… (2023)
Presented online and at Deptford Lounge.

Friday 7 July - Sunday 16 July 2023

A series of artworks by six young people from the Ukraine and the UK, who have met under new and extraordinary circumstances.

r u there? we r here… (2023) is a series of artworks by 6 young people from Ukraine and the UK who have met under new and extraordinary circumstances. They ask, "what can we do for each other” and “what does it mean to be free”.

r u there? we r here… was originally a performance that took place in 2021, made over zoom with a director in the UK and a team of young artists in Mariupol, Ukraine. It was a search for connection in a time of distance. r u there? we r here... (2023) is still a call for connection, but now, more than ever, it is a call to be acknowledged.

r u there? we r here… explores themes of war, loss and gender based violence through words, images and movement.

Presented by SOUNDS LiKE CHAOS, Josie Dale Jones & The Albany for the British Council UK/Ukraine Season, ‘Future Reimagined’, a collaboration between The British Council and the Ukrainian Institute. In partnership with Theatreomania and GOGOLFEST.