I am a contemporary musician, actress, facilitator and writer. I look at feminism, female empowerment and self love. I work with young people through Sounds Like Chaos. I facilitate storytelling workshops.
I co-founded Let Me Hear Your Voice with Olivia Spence, where we look at feminism. I also have just worked on an installation of self love through Climate Home and would love to incorporate this in to my writing and music.

I would love to be an independent artist, using the message of self love to change the world. I want to use various art forms to convey this message and would love to become a more grounded artist in both facilitation and performance.

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Times are tough but so are you
(original song)

Times are tough but so are you is a new song written in the form of a jingle. It’s about encouraging people to feel positive about the times surrounding Covid-19 and all the positive aspects. I made it in lockdown to promote happiness and joy and to make people feel not as alone in these unknown and uncertain times. I think it’s important for everyone to remember that times are hard but we are all in it together.

This is a collection of demo songs that I have composed. They are themed around various issues women go through, overall hopefully empowering women to become more strong in themselves with a higher sense of confidence.

 2020 Vision, a new way of supporting young artists to rest, make and emerge from the global pandemic. Made possible by support from Arts Council England and the Albany.