Rofeda bougaga

My name is Rofeda Amira Bougaga. I am a multi-disciplinary artist who is interested in utilising creativity as a device to make social and political change within society. I am a research expert, activist, spoken word
artist and performer. I have been using my expertise to raise awareness on neglected issues, such as women’s safety, and young people’s mental health.

The Body Remembers is a one-woman show and creative campaign surrounding a girl who is suffering from the impacts of sexual assault. The show also highlights how normalised the idea of sexual harassment is within society, and is essentially a call to action for the audience to make conscious decisions in order to change the way that both women and sexual harassment is perceived. I hope that this show will attract attention by those in positions of power, and that it reaches those who are victims of sexual assault. My creative ambition was Michaela Coel’s series ‘I May Destroy You’, which was about the aftermath of a woman’s sexual assault. Watching this made me realise how trauma manifests
within the mind, and how it connects with the body. I resonated so much with the contents of the show and henceforth inspired me to want to write my own story.