I am inspired by DIY culture, independent publishing, and the power of art forms such as zines, which are made through messy, non-traditional and often spontaneous creative collaboration. I am inspired by their history of being “anti-authority” and their dedication to supporting underground and under-represented voices. I love working with poetry, creative writing and essays about people’s lives and passions.

As a member and associate artist of SLC, I am working to create the programme-come-zine for Dirt. It’s an exciting way to take a traditional form of documentation (a theatre programme) and turn it into a tangible keepsake that people can reference, read and share with others after the show.

I want to continue creating things with a DIY ethos. I love the idea of art as activism and connecting with people on local and international levels. I would love to create an ecosystem of creative DIY collaboration that spans continents - whether through zine-making, writing, or cultural curation.

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