I am a creative explorer. My passion is discovering life's bountiful manifestations. What keeps me enthralled is knowing that I myself, who is one of life's many courageous manifestations also harness the power to create even more transcendent manifestations that live through time and space packaged as art. I love to write stuff, track my thoughts and feelings. Make plans. Start drafts of ideas I might get, hold on to them for a while and add to them. sometimes. I write plus perform poetry and music too. l co-wrote, produced and directed a play last year, assistant directed a play the year before that and right now I am in the development process of a short film exploring the parallels between psychosis and spirituality.

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Hmm I Wonder
(spoken word & short film)

An absurd poem looking at the principles of perspective through spoken language and film. This poem flips reality on its head or tails. Yet, what is reality when each of us could have a different definition for a word or a different story for a situation. Look at it this way or that way, the facts remain the same. This is a poem made by me on the day that I made it.

Times like this
(spoken word)

Times like this focuses on my feeling and understanding right now, in the center of a changing world. Times like this is a reminder to persevere. A reminder to look on the bright side.

It’s like it creeps in the night but lurks through the day
the people are in awe
some think yes, this is awesome
the rest think no, this awful
at first the feeling was powerless
like a glass filled cup
re assessed
now, I feel
power filled
they said no
no picnics in fields
lock yourselves down till the world gets healed
I’m glad, I myself have healed
healed from the pressure
these days the pain I feel is lesser
apart from when my uncle died
my eyes got wetter
last time I saw him I didn’t say much so perhaps I’ll send him a letter
I’m sure he’ll receive it never
but that’s better than never ever
never have I ever lost a figure so close
so today I would like to raise a toast
to the NHS, I’ll for them I’ll clap to infinity
and for the families who have lost their anchors
Don’t blame yourselves, the selection was made at random

2020 VISION a new way of supporting young artists to rest, make and emerge from the global pandemic. Made possible by support from Arts Council England and the Albany.